Sunday, November 13, 2005

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Don't Cha wish you girlfriend was HOT like me.....

Once again I apologize for my somewhat sporadic blogging. There are not enough hours in the day for me to get all of my many tasks completed.

Last night I had a great time at the Lay-Z/Trimble birthday extravaganza in the historic intown neighborhood of Cabbagetown. Trimble mom’s crib is quite the cool house, probably dating from around the 1930’s if I had to take a guess. The painting, artwork and decorating that Carol has employed in the new house is very cool, and really adds some color and positive energy to the neighborhood. All in all, the new house is extra cool, and really echoes the positive revitalization efforts that is moving and shaking throughout the urban Atlanta landscape.

Classes are clicking along nicely, and by some stroke of dumb luck combined with my inherent willpower, I am maintaining strong grades in all of my classes. I’ve also officially decided to finish a dual BBA in real estate mgnt/development and corporate finance. It will take me one extra semester to finish the additional coursework for the corporate finance, but hell it’s taken me 6 years to get this far, so I might as well maximize the productivity of my education with a dual major.

I’ve recently grown quite fond of playing around in the great equity markets of our country. The stock markets have long been a method by which anybody, with a little money and business smarts, can capitalize on investing in the ownership of a particular publicly trade corporate entity. The main catalysis for my new found interests in the stock market has been a great show on CNBC called Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer. Not only Mad Money tremendously entertaining, because of Jim’s crazy antics and outbursts, but it’s also been incredibly educational and lucrative for my portfolio. Part of the intrinsic benefits of pursuing a business degree, and particularly the corporate finance classes that I have taken recently, is the education that I have obtained in financial structure of the way companies operate. Balance sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flow Analysis, financial ratios, etc., all of which every publicly traded company is required to report to the SEC and shareholders, can be a wealth of information in understanding what makes a company, and transversely the individual shareholders, profitable.

Time for me to go have a sunday morning cup of coffee with my sister down the street at starbucks. Ciao for now!

Nasty Dancer

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A look inside my twisted brain

Before we get started with tonights diatribe, let me take a moment and tell everyone that is you havn't seen the new Showtime show entitled Weeds, you're missing out. Probabally my absolute favorite TV show at the moment.

Ok, now that that is out of the way let us begin.............

What is bald, 6 ½’ tall, early-30 something, and reeks of the Snellville, Ga lifestyle?

If you answered my Real Estate Law LGLS 4490 professor, you win a cookie.

Let’s talk about this little joker of an attorney, who single-handedly embodies everything that is wrong with suburban America, the heart of “Bob Barr” country for christ’s sake. I’ve had it to my wits end with this pseudo-riche, Super Walmart shopping, Ford Expedition driving, Burlington Coat Factory suit wearing, all-you-can-eat eating, mass consumption mindset of people. If I have to hear this jack-ass tells us how he makes $275 an hour to advise his clients as an attorney, I am going to absolutely lose my mind in class. Far too many nights thus far this semester I have found myself visualizing how I would leap from my chair and choke this shmuck out, if only the rules of law didn’t govern as such.

What’s worse is that I am paying this knucklehead to teach me Real Estate law, to which I have been to every grueling 2 ½ hour lecture thus far this semester, only to be presented with a 100-question test bank question, all-of-the-above, none-of-the-above style test last night. In the previous lecture before the test, he sheepishly admitted that he would be selecting 100 questions from the test bank, because he was too “lazy” to make up his own test, saying it as if he was proud of the fact that the testing procedure in his class would require absolutely zero effort on his part, even reducing the answers down to Scan-Tron sheets so that he would even have to hand grade the tests of my 13-student 7:15pm-9:45pm class. Subsequently that night he assured us that the test was “extremely easy”.

First of all, the test was far from “easy”, especially in the ultra-tricky all-of-the-above, none-of-the-above format, and what’s worst is that approx. 15-20% of the questions that were selected from the test bank to supply the tests were not even stuff that was covered in class or our readings. I am furious to say the least, and I’m sure that my fellow classmates feel the same. Needless to say that I am sure we all (the class) will be making a strong plea for a curve of some fashion next class.

To further explain my personal enigma with Snellvile and suburbia in general, one must travel back into past to my years as a youth, and my very much urban up-bringing. In 1986, fresh from a financially crippling business adventure in Barnesville, Ga, about 35 miles north of Macon, my parents moved back to Atlanta, GA and bought our house at 1737 Ridgecrest Ct. Ridgecrest Ct. is off of Ridgecrest Rd., which connects Ponce De Leon and Dekalb Ave. When my parents bought the house it was in rough shape, but cheap, and my parents were attracted to the neighborhood and more importantly the schools Fernbank Elementary and Druid Hills, both of which my dad is a alumni, and surprisingly enough where I befriended that man Trimble.

Not long after we began our residence on Ridgecrest, my parents adopted a scottish terrier named Pogo, still to this day probably the coolest dog I have ever met, Trimble can oblige. Well my dad loved this dog, and every morning for 11 years my dad, along with a cup of coffee and a pack of Winston Ultra-Lites would walk Pogo up Ridgecrest Ct., along Ridgecrest road, and down Mclendon Ave, to where he could cut into our back yard off of McLendon. Keep in mind the positioning of our house and the roads mentioned in relation to both Ponce and Dekalb Ave. For those of my readers not privy to the geographical landmarks mentioned I will digress by explaining that Ridgecrest Rd. is an absolute straight shot from Ponce to Dekalb Ave., and as such, offers the typical Gwinnetian commuter the chance to shaves 30 minutes of commute time by employing the short-cut back to Dekalb Ave, into the heart of downtown. That is until every Gwinnetian finds out about the short cut, and turned our neighborhood into a parking lot.

On more occasions than I can remember my dad, and dog Pogo were nearly maliciously run-down as the Gwinnetian commuters barreled down Ridgecrest Rd. at 60 MPH in their MiniVans, as they abused our neighborhood roads in their exploitation to cut commute time and climb the corporate ladder. Over the years my dad kept a running count of the percentage of Gwinnett vs. Dekalb county license plates that he saw on his early morning jaunts. The staggering conclusion that he came to, was that nearly 75% of the plates that he saw streaming through our neighborhood every weekday morning were from Gwinnett and Cobb county.

From a young age I was ingrained with the mantra that Snellville, and Lawrenceville, and Gwinnett, and Cobb counties were the absolute epitomy of everything that was wrong with Atlanta. The gas-powered chariots that carried the innumerous masses of suburbanites to their offices in the sky’s of downtown Atlanta, almost run my dad and dog down, and also posed a hazard for me as a kid on the way to the bus stop or down to my buddies house. My parents carried an underlying resentment to these masses from suburban hell, much preferring to hang with the likes of people in an around the in-town boroughs of Decatur, Inman Park, Candler Park, and Little Five Points.

Having lived in metro Atlanta, and when I say metro Atlanta, I’m talking inside the perimeter here folks, I can say with every thread of my being that I will NEVER live in any form of suburbia, so long as I shall live. So bland, so boring, so cookie-cutter, so not me. Sure I don’t have a Super-Mega-Monster-Jumbo-24 Hour Walmart every half mile like in Snellville, but some things I can live without. And every morning on the East-bound train from Five Points station to Avondale Station, I need only look below the Marta tracks as I pass over the 75/85 connector, upon which literally hundreds of thousands of suburbanites sit in stand still bumper-to-bumper traffic for hours upon end, to feel affirmed in my choice to live an efficient metropolitan lifestyle!

To further re-affirm my strong urban mindset, I’d like to share three exciting and important urban developments that are scheduled for my beloved downtown neighborhood over the next 10 years or so. The City of Atlanta has really began to shift it’s attention to some major capital improvements that will benefit this city far into the future.

As most have probably heard the new Georgia Aquarium is scheduled for opening Nov. 23, and boasts the fact that it is the largest aquarium in the world, with a special attention to two whale sharks that should be an absolute thrill to see. This past Sunday afternoon, my homeboy Parker and I were studying for our Finance test, and after a few hours of studying we were hungry and decided to walk a few blocks up to Ted’s for a burger. After we ate we decided to walk one more block over to Centennial Olympic Park to get our first glance of the new aquarium, and all I can say is that the architecture of the building itself is very cool, and looks like a facility that should serve Atlanta well as we as a city continue to evolve as a solidified urban landmark. Check out

Having been announced a scant 5 days ago, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra has begun planning on an architectural and acoustic gem by the world renowned architect Santiago Calatrava. The conceptual plans that have been released are utterly breath-taking and rival dare-I-say the Sydney opera house in architectural grandeur. The proposed development is planned for the corner of Peachtree and 14th street, about 7 blocks up Peachtree from my house. Needless to say that this will greatly enhance the quality of life for many Atlanta residents in the future, and I am very happy to see the continued trend towards major capital improvements that will help to shape the face of our city for the better. Check it out here:

Finally, the BeltLine, a 22-mile loop of historic railroad that encircles downtown and midtown, is a unique opportunity to increase greenspace, improve transit, connect neighborhoods and foster livable communities in metro Atlanta. This project was announced last year, and is scheduled over a 10 year process, but this capital work project will be the very thing that defines life in metro Atlanta in the future. The BeltLine will connect 45 in-town neighborhoods with parks, transit and trails for commuters, bicyclists and pedestrians. The line will spur economic development and enhance mobility. The BeltLine will improve quality of life for present and future generations. Check it out here

All in all there are many exciting things that are in the near future for Atlanta, and I am happy to say that I will undoubtedly be the beneficiary of these capital improvements in the years to come. Now I pose a question to all of you Gwinnett residents, how many of you can walk to a Braves Game, or the High Museum, or the Georgia Aquarium? Go back to your hermetically sealed houses, and chemically treated lawns, and stay the f*ck out of my city!


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Life is nothing but a spreadsheet

Wow, hell of a week! School has quickly become allot more difficult than I would have liked, and work has been a never ending stream of deadlines.

This week I was dutied with the task of THE MOST difficult class assignment I've yet to encounter in my collegiate career. The assignment involved creating a spreadsheet detailing the spatial and financial analysis of a site in my RE4050 Real Estate Development class. Without any over-exaggeration, the spreadsheet consisted of nearly 40 different variable calculations, and all said and done took me about 12-14 hours of mind-bending analyzation to complete. Normally I would have been in good preparation for such an assignment, but in all honesty alot of the assignment required material nothing short of NASA rocket science, to derive the necessary data. Even after finishing the assignment and going back to check my work, I still have an un-nerving feeling about the final product.

As if I didn't have enough on my plate, this week at work I have been responsible for finishing out 2 (12 sheet) sets of construction plans, each requiring an inordinate amount of drafting. To make matters worst, I've had to work hand-in-hand with the infamous Bob Ellis (Bill's brother) who always has a way of making even the most mundane tasks, a logistical nightmare. The things one must do to keep the proverbial mortgage paid.

This past week I had a falling out with the dry-cleaner that I use. As anybody with a full work and school schedule knows, time is a valuable commodity, so in the short break that I had between classes on Monday, I collected up my shirts and slacks and decided to walk the three blocks down to "Pressed for Success", the dry-cleaning place just a few blocks down to submit my garments for cleaning. Even though the prices are outrageous, nearly $2 a shirt, I have used this dry cleaner on numerous occasions in the past with satisfaction, as the location is convienent. So, I get there and give the little Pakistani dude my clothes and tell him medium starch, and that I would like to pick it up the next day. "No problem," he assures me.

So Tuesday, having not received a call to verify the clothes being ready, I call and ask if I can come by and pick up my clothes, so that I might have a decent shirt to put on before class. The dude's wife, tells me in rude fashion that they are there and I could come and pick-up my clothes. I trot down the three blocks, and when I get there the dude tells me that they haven’t arrived yet, and I might try back the next day! For crying out loud, "I just called and you wife said that everything was ready," I retort. So next day, I go down and get my clothes, and I ask the guy if he might cut me a slight discount because of the delay. As soon as I ask for the discount I see his eyes squint with the reduction in profit margin. Reluctantly he grants me a $5 discount, on the $22 bill.

When I get home and begin to examine my shirts I notice that, not only are the shirts starched so hard that it makes cardboard appear more comfortable, but also 2-3 buttons are broken on a couple of shirts! Shirts in hand, I march back to the shop and demand to have the shirts repaired with the accompanying buttons. Just as of a few minutes ago, I get a call from the shop to let me know that my shirts are finally ready. I promise you that if I get ANY flack about paying for the repairs this afternoon, I will never do business with them again.

I've recently found out that with the addition of 4 classes at GSU, I could convert my Real Estate BBA to a double major Real Estate/Finance BBA. Although finance isn't my favorite field of study I think that the marketability of my education would be greatly improved through the Finance double major. Employment opportunities, especially in the Real Estate field, become allot more numerous when the financial aspects can be displayed in one's educational credentials. Even though I am at a fevered pace to finally finish out the few remaining course hours necessary for graduation, I honestly feel that the extra work will pay dividends over the course of my life.

Among my long range goals I have seriously begun to consider grad school, so that one day I might be able to have the addition of MBA, post ceding my name on my business card. Again I am glumly looking forward to even more intense graduate work, but all figures point to an exponential leap in salary with an MBA from GSU Robinson College of Business. Can you say starting salary of $100,000+signing bonuses, company car, full benefits, and pension? These are the things dreams are made of. In reality it may well take me a year or two in the business world until I am able financially, emotionally, and physically able to do such a thing, however in the best case scenario I will be able to find an employer out of undergrad that will pay for me to pursue my MBA.

Let’s talk politics for a second. Thus far I have been less than impressed with a lot of what the Bush administration has done for our country. As some might note, the Chief Supreme Court Justice William Renquist (sp?) recently passed away, elevating Bush’s nominee John Roberts to the newly opened Chief position. It’s important to note that one of the longest lasting legacies that a president can leave, is his life-time appointments to our U.S. Supreme Court. This judicial body is responsible for the constitution examination of our laws, and functions as the highest measure in our judicial system.

When Bush initially nominated Roberts to replace the retiring Justice Sandra Day-O’Connor (sp?), I had serious reservations to the apparent conservative shift that this would have played on the court. Having not really studied Robert’s previously in terms of his judicial past, I have been watching his confirmation hearings recently with a keen eye, and I have to admit that I am acutely impressed by John Roberts. Not only is he well learned, and well spoken, but the testimony that he has supplied to the Senate Committee has suggested that, although he has a conservative view towards the application of law, he is grounded in reason, and not set on expressing an overly ultra-conservative tone that I feared. In fact, Bush could have been a lot more dogmatic in his nomination and we could very well have seen a much more ultra-conservative nomination. All said and done I am in favor of Roberts as the Chief Supreme Court Justice, and I appreciate his implications on how he might approach the cases that he will be presented.

That’s it for now, till next time!

Nasty Dancer

Monday, September 05, 2005

The Face of New Orleans

One of the many French Quarter local hold-outs.
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Sunday, September 04, 2005

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This blog has moved

Hey everybody, just thought I'd tell you all that I've moved my blog to The Newer Nasty Cronicles

Many thoughts over there about a couple of key issues, along with the customary pencil-sharpeded insight into the life of your trusty Nasty Dancer.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Holy Mackeral.... I'm a QuaterCentury Old?!?!

Well the twenty-fifth year of my life just pasted. My how the time flies, it's hard to access what the future has in store, but it's certain to be an adventure.

Last friday night, on my birthday, my parents and I enjoyed some excellent dining at the Capital Grille in Buckhead. Wow is all I can say, the dry-aged steaks are off-the-chain! We had an excellent chat over dinner, and I have to say that I am lucky to have two great parents that have really taught me alot about life, business, and compassion to my fellow man, and for that I am thankful.

Believe it or not, I am Ultra excited about starting classes this coming semester. Just this past week I was able to procure all of my neccessary classes, and undauntingly I face a FULL 15 hour load of some of the most hardcore upper-level business classes that Robinson College of Business at GSU has to offer. Futhermore I found out that I have been awarded a substantial ammount of finacial aid that will certainlly make my life a little easier. But with the likes of Finance 3300, Managerial Science 3100, and Marketing 3010, among others I am gonna really have to buckle down and hit the books hard and heavy!

Last week-end was nuts here at the William Oliver! Trimble, Joe, and Alex, along with Lay-Z and Chi-Chi, skated through and trashed my sister's party. Trimble was swerved out of his head with a good 8-12 beers in him, and managed to break one of my sisters dishes! There was a DJ and three bars set-up on the roof, along with two big screen TV's showing the boxing matches.

The MARTA system is the worst! The more that I have to utilize our public transit in Atlanta, the more that I see how it is delapidated and and certainlly NOT on par with transit in many major citys, ecspecially when compared to Eruope. This morning as I entered the train, which was 8 minutes late I might add, at Five Points on the way to work, I was greeted with the stench of mold and mildew. The previous week I noted that how on many trains rain leeks through on many of the cars soaking people that sit in the outside ailse seats, and hence the paisley carpet in the 1978 model transit cars! Furthermore the bus routes are infrequent at best, and down-right time consuming with 45+ minute intervals! It's outraging, but luckily Trimble and the other goons have been good sports at aiding me and Lay-Z with our commutes.

You know the song...... (Nasty Dancer, Dancer for money, do what you want me to do!)

Nasty Out!

Monday, June 20, 2005


Havn't posted in over a month folks. I appologize, and wish I could come up with a decent excuse, but the truth is that I have just been lazy.

Let's see, anything new? Not really same old, same old. My condo is still on the market, and things are relatively slow, however I am supposed to have an offer coming in later today. I have my fingers crossed, but I'm not nessesarilly holding my breath.

The boss is away on holiday, and the Northland good squad has be religated to working with Bob Ellis, which is always an adventure. So, things around the shop are at their usual hurried pace sans my boss's distracting and off-the-wall input.

I almost forgot to say that I am currently a full-time Marta rider due to a slight lapse in my early morning judgement a week ago. Early Friday morning a week ago, on my way to work, I was maliciously ran off the road by some prick in a new BMW at the corner of Auburn and Peachtree Center St downtown. This resulted in me jerking my wheel to avoid the yuppy prick, leaving his car unscathed, and my truck left wrecked into the side of the AT&T Building downtown. Needleess to say, this has left me in a bit of a quagmire, because I only had liability insurance, so the wreck was almost a total loss for me on my truck. In any event the Marta train and bus isn't all that bad, and I am currently looking a copping a new ride, prefereablly something with A/C and 0% financing!

That's it for now, hopefully I can will myself into posting more in my blog...... no promises.